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About Chvala and Company.

Film and video.. a passion.
Since 1981, Chvala and Company productions has produced/directed/ and shot and edited hundreds of hours of films and videos. From the studios in Omaha, Nebraska, Chvala and Company have shot films and videos throughout the United States, in Europe, the Far East, the South Pacific and South America. You may see stills of some of those productions in our photo galleries.

Waiting for the next challenge.
Chvala and Company's work has encompassed many different subject matters in many different places. Rural life. Hunger in South America. Child abuse. Migrant workers in Taiwan. Kids at risk on the streets. People who are developmentally disabled. A Hollywood movie poster artist of the fifties. A cooking show. Productions have taken us inside a nuclear reactor, in corporate board rooms, inside a Fijian hut, and in surgery at a major hospital.

Films and videos that have been appreciated by others.
Our films and videos have been aired in every English speaking country in the world and have been aired on network television, on PBS and on AMC. The awards are too numerous to list completely. We still have shows in use twenty years after production. Our long term relationships with our clients says it all for us.

What it's all about.
Chvala and Company productions integrates all the crafts of a production into a creative plan and direct scenes and shots in the most dramatic way possible. To help actors find and mold their performances, to capture documentary scenes as honestly and powerfully as we make the film/video come alive in post production....

And always remember what the film is all about...