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On location in Omaha and around the World!

Since 1981, Chvala & Co. Productions has produced films and videos throughout the United States. Our crews have shot on locations in Europe, the Far East, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and South America.

Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. Bill Chvala filming Negrito festival in the Philippines. Nebraska Weslyan University.

Chvala and Company Productions shoots both motion picture film and video. Our productions have followed missionaries trekking across swollen rivers, a paleontologist excavating dinosaur fossils, surgeons helping children to live better lives. We've worked with scientists, coaches, doctors, farmers, even a Fijian chieftain. And we're looking forward to working with YOU.

Bill Chvala and crew in a state-of-the-art operating room. Bill Chvala with a class of youngsters in South Korea. Negrito man in the Philippines.

Want to know more? Photo galleries display scenes from past projects. Our awards page showcases kudos for previous productions. Contact Chvala and Company for your next project-you won't be disappointed!