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Encore Gallery.
Assorted stills from Chvala and Company productions.
Click on any photo to enlarge and see description.

Ricky Smith close up.
Bill Chvala and Ricky Smith.
Ricky performing at a school.
Setting up a steadicam shot.
Philippine children pose for a photo.
Go Cart crashes through logo.
Crane shot.
Private Eye Dan Ditto and Director Bill Chvala set up a scene for a film about popcorn.
Son Shine Signers group act out a skit for video for a deaf audience.
Inside Omaha Public Power District's nuclear reactor.
Negrito man in the Philippines.
Excited children on a remote Fijian Island had never seen a film crew before.
Negrito festival in the Philippines.
Animated/Live Action Production for Mosaic featuring Duncan Duck.
Duncan Duck in park waiting for his next line.
Crew sets up for a dialogue scene between Tiffany and Duncan Duck.
Tiffany's mother Brigid stands in for Duncan.

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