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Taiwan Behind the Scenes/Gallery 1.
In the Shadow of Dabajian Mountain.
Walking from the Shadows: The Journey of the Migrant Worker.
Award winning documentaries.
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Atayal festival.
Atayal girl in traditional dress.
Bill Chvala with migrant workers in Taiwan.
Bill with 104 year old Atayal woman. When she learned how to weave she was able to marry. Her facial tattoos signifies her coming of age. The tattoos show the family weaving pattern.
Taipei flooding caused by Typhoon Nari. In two days, 39 inches of rain fell.
Early morning mountains shot.
Crew enjoys Thanksgiving in Taiwan.
Taipei lights.
Green screen shots of Fr. Tom Browning. The children were fascinated.
Ron Chvala on the eastern coast of Taiwan.
Preproduction team talks to Atayal weavers. L-R  Sylvia T., Kathy T., Columban Fr. Tom Browning, Atayal women.
Atayal festival.
Sylvia T. and Fr. Peter O'Neill outside Hope Workers Center in Chungli, Taiwan.
Bill shooting farming practices.